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Enamel Leather

10K Gold

3D Lense









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                              M A D E   O F       ENAMEL LEATHER_Cube        


                                       The architecturally inspired Enamel leather earrings are  colorful graphic pieces and  hand - cut enamel leather.





                              M A D E   O F       ENAMEL LEATHER_ Flat        

 The earrings are in 2 or 3 different flat shapes and colors in one set.  You can mix and match them and create a variety of different looks.

                                                Enamel Leather earrings    set  of 3  >


                                                Enamel Leather earrings    set  of 2  >



                              M A D E   O F       10K  Gold  


                                      10k gold earrings are real gold and not filled or flate. These geometric shapes are tinier and thinner than in the photo.



                                    10K gold earrings     set of 3 >               


                                    10K gold earrings    setof 2 >






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